Hair Colour Fit for Weddings

When you’re at your late 20s to early 30s, chances are that at least one of your friends will be getting married. It’s almost impossible for a person to not get invited in one of the most celebrated occasions in a person’s life. When you do get invited, especially as an important person (say, bridesmaid) at the event, you would want to look your best. Who doesn’t, right? 

There are many things you can do to prepare for a wedding. I for one would go on a diet and a beauty regimen that would enhance my features just in time for the wedding. However, it’s just right to constantly remind yourself that it is not your wedding. What I mean is that you can go all out to making yourself pretty for the event but on that special day, you are not supposed to outshine the bride. This is just a gentle reminder for all ladies out there. 

Anyway, when a friend of mine asked me to be her maid of honour at her wedding, I was very grateful. Personally, it felt as if I was our friendship was put to a higher level since I was given the chance to make that day the best day of her life. But I also had another concern in my head – my hair was of a liberal colour that time and even if my friend didn’t want to ask me outright to change it, I knew I would steal the show if I didn’t. It was a no-brainer for me; I had to change my hair colour. Since this wedding was a big deal for me as well as my friend’s, I consulted with the best hair colourist in Melbourne CBD

There are a lot of hair colourists and hair experts in the central business district of Melbourne and you are bound to encounter a number of them by just going in and out of well-known salons. If you are willing to spend more, I recommend that you go to the most famous salons in town like Edwards & Co., Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Joey Scandizzo to name a few. These salons have hair experts that understand the makeup of your hair from texture to colour. They also take into account the kind of colour that will best complement your skin colour. You can bet that they will give you the best advice in what colour to apply. 

I will be giving a few tips on how you can determine the best hair colour for you that is appropriate for a wedding. The steps are as follows. First, determine the hair colours that best match your skin tone. You can ask a hair colourist for this especially since they are trained to know which colours go together and enhance your features more. In my case, I went to a salon and asked their best hair colourist. Since I had a fair complexion and my roots were of warm colours, like brown, chestnut, and auburn would be best on me. The second step was to tell the hair colourist that I wanted to get my hair dyed for my friend’s wedding. I consider this as a must because you might end up getting a colour that could steal the show. Also, you have to mention the colour of the gown you will be wearing. 

If you’re doing your own hair colour, you should check for safety first. It’s best to know if you would have any hypersensitive responses to the hair dye. To check for allergic reactions, put a little bit of the dye on your skin specifically at the back of your wrist just below your hand. If there are no reactions on the skin after a few seconds then it is most probably safe to be used on your hair. 

In the end, I opted for a pastel peony colour and I got subtle highlights. The colour was just enough to emphasize my fair skin and the colour of my eyes. The challenge for me after was to maintain the colour until my friend’s wedding day. What I did was I avoided overwashing as some hair dyes lighten when too much shampoo is used on them.