Say Goodbye to Severe Back Pain With the Help of a Werribee Physiotherapist

physiotherapy-2A year back, I would not have thought it was possible that in my late 20s, I would have so many problems with my back. In fact, most of us think that illness and body aches are years away. But suddenly, while I was playing sport, I had an injury that eventually resulted in severe back pain

After the accident, I was referred to be a patient at Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation so that I could get treatment for the pain. I could not describe how much my back ached, but taking medication was not an option for me. Pills will only make me feel better for a few minutes and worse, it only treats the symptoms, not necessarily the cause. This is why I made the decision to go for physiotherapy. After all, I am still quite young and I do not want to be immobile before I am 30. Moreover, I would love to be able to play sport again. 

Why is It Important to Go to a Physiotherapist?

Even before I got injured, I was already aware of the importance of working with a physiotherapist to restore normal movement and function after undergoing any musculoskeletal problem. These are professionals who are knowledgeable about various body systems like neuromusculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and cardiovascular. Because of this, they are able to treat a range of conditions, from back pain, injury, asthma, heart disease, stroke and much more.

They will look at the patient as a whole person, considering every one of these body systems and their lifestyle to help them stay active, free from body pain and disease-free. For those who have had injuries, a physiotherapist can help facilitate the road to recovery, so that they are able to move again as they used to, or even better. Lastly, athletes who are healthy and have no issues can still work with them to train and achieve their top performance.

Severe Back Pain Treatment at the Physiotherapy Clinic

Almost anyone can experience back pain, other than just through sport. You can easily strain your back muscle through wrong lifting practices. A car crash can lead to tears in the ligament or even a slipped disc, when the nerves become pinched and cause a lot of throbbing. The bone can be injured as well due to trauma or low bone density. It might seem strange, but your posture can also lead to a lot of aches because improper sitting or standing causes a lot of stress on your spine.

The first job of your physiotherapist is to identify the reason for the back pain. This means, doing tests and interviews on symptoms. The physiotherapist will also ask you move and be active so he/she can find where the pain exists. An assessment of your posture and how you sit down and move will help pinpoint possible causes as well.

After the diagnosis, a personalized treatment approach will be designed for you. The goal is to reduce the severe pain you feel, but at the same time, strengthen your back to avoid future aching and even injury. For example, if your pain is due to poor posture, learning better ways to sit down or improving your movement can make sure you will not anymore any reason to complain of the same throbbing. If you, however, have pain due to injury, core stability is, in fact, an important part of the treatment. Muscles that are part of your “core” will help avoid recurring back problems.

The way to full rehabilitation will include various approaches, including acupuncture, massage, and machines for pain relief. This is the first part as it would be difficult to do more exercises while you are going through a lot of aches.

To complete the rehabilitation, exercise is an important part. Your physiotherapist can us clinical Pilates as this is very effective in strengthening one’s core. After all, it is very important to have the right kind of movement to achieve the main goals. 

The Road to Recovery

Going to a physiotherapy and finishing the whole treatment is important because otherwise, the pain will come back. But the challenge most patients, including me, face, is the fact that the road back to full mobility takes a lot of time. There is no overnight cure for back pain, though for some it might be faster and for others, it will take much longer. This depends on your body, your lifestyle and other factors.

Giving up too quickly or stopping just because the pain is gone will still leave you at risk for future (and possibly worse) injury. Therefore, it is also important to keep active, stay fit and continue the “core exercises” to be sure you will not find yourself in pain again. Lastly, if you are an athlete like me, this is the best way to be able to perform at the same level (or better) again.